China Advisory

Lynch Meyer Lawyers have the commercial knowledge and experience to assist our:

  • Australian clients with the legal aspects of doing business with Chinese companies, whether they are their suppliers, customers, business or joint venture partners; and
  • our overseas clients doing business in Australia and investing in Australia.

For our Australian clients, we understand the Chinese business culture and business environment and have strong connections in China to assist them with the commercial and legal aspects of doing business in China.

For our overseas clients, we have strong local connections and are able to assist them with the legal aspects of doing business in Australia and investing in Australia.

We support bilateral trade and investment opportunities between South Australia and China and acknowledge that they play an important role in shaping South Australia’s economy.

We also have a specialised Mandarin speaking conveyancer who assists with the purchase and sale of properties.  To find out more about our conveyancing services please click here.

Our commercial Partner, Malinda Kuo, heads our China advisory team.  Malinda speaks fluent Mandarin and has a wealth of experience providing transaction advice to businesses dealing with China, businesses in China and local Chinese businesses.

Lynch Meyer Lawyers advise and assist clients in various industries, including:

  • Agribusiness (including seafood, meat, dairy, olives, nuts and wine);
  • Aged Care and Retirement Villages;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Construction, infrastructure and engineering;
  • Information and other technologies;
  • Environment, Planning and Resources;
  • Property;
  • Energy and Resources;
  • Transport, Freight and Logistics;
  • Credit Management and Debt Recovery;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Retail; and
  • Not for profit.

Malinda’s expertise and experience, combined with her in depth understanding of both the Australian and the Chinese cultures, have enabled her to understand her clients’ needs, effectively communicate with them and their counterparts and deliver exceptional services and outcomes for her clients.

Malinda is supported by a large team at Lynch Meyer Lawyers who are experts in their practice areas. A number of our lawyers are listed in Best Lawyers Australia and Doyle’s Guide.

Malinda is the current Secretary of each of the China Business Network of SA Inc and the Australian Asian Chamber of Commerce Industry Inc.

领旗美亚 Lynch Meyer 律师事务所是一家南澳大利亚领先的商业律师事务所。







  • 项目的尽职调查
  • 澳大利亚法律咨询服务
  • 澳大利亚的外国投资审批
  • 起草,阅读和谈判各类商业合同
  • 收购澳大利亚物业,企业和生意


  • 外商投资
  • 企业兼并与收购
  • 国际贸易
  • 农业(含葡萄酒业)
  • 企业和商业法
  • 房地产开发与施工
  • 环境与建筑规划
  • 金融与银行
  • 商业租约和各类商业合同
  • 商业纠纷和诉讼
  • 知识产权
  • 房产买卖和过户
  • 生意买卖和过户
  • 连锁加盟
  • 劳动法
  • 税法
  • 债务追讨
  • 遗嘱和遗产规划
  • 公证


中文请联系合伙人郭律师Malinda Kuo

电话+61 88236 7693

行动电话 +61 432 293 898