Legal Updates


Stamp Duty Abolition on Family Company Farm Transfers

On the 10th of August the State Government introduced a Bill in Parliament to abolish stamp duty on transfers of family farms by or to a family company. This proposed stamp duty exemption adds to the existing exemption for transfers of family farms between individuals and family trusts.  For the exemption to apply to a…

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Standard form small business contracts

There has been a significant change in the law affecting small business contracts. Since 2011, consumers have been protected against unfair standard-form contracts which contain unfair terms: now, the the ‘unfair contract’ provisions of the Australian Consumer Law so that they now apply to (some) business-to–business contracts. From 12 November 2016, standard-form ‘small business contracts’…

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Will your food labels be up to standard?

After a period of extensive consultation, a new country of origin food labelling information standard under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) (part of the Competition and Consumer Act) will commence operation on 1 July 2016. Under the new information standard, all food sold in Australia will require either a standard label or a country of…

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