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Not for Profit

Contested Estates: Charities v Relatives

When a charity is left a gift in a will and the will is contested by a relative of the deceased, how does the law view the charity’s claim to the gift against the relative’s? Firstly, the relative contesting the will needs to be an eligible claimant under the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act. That is…

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Saving a Charitable Gift

Our last update looked at some of the issues that arise when a Not for Profit Group (NFP) receives a gift in a will which they have to use on certain conditions.  An NFP risks losing this gift if they are unable to carry out the will maker’s conditions. However, if this situation arises, the…

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The trouble with Specific Charitable Gifts

It is always preferable for a Not for Profit Group (NFP) to receive a gift from a deceased estate for their general purposes rather than for a specific purpose.  The reason why is because if the NFP cannot carry out the specific purpose as directed by the will, they risk losing the gift altogether.  A…

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