Moving House Checklist

Useful things to consider when moving into your new home:

  • Reserve a rental truck (if you intend on moving yourself), and start packing those items you wont need until you move into your new house. Or if you are having a removalist do all the hard work, be sure to book one well in advance.
  • Make arrangements for your carpets and curtains to be cleaned before you move in. You may choose (or need) to do the same thing before you leave your old place.
  • Make a floor plan of your new home so that you can work out where to put everything before you arrive and unpack.
  • Why move all that junk that we accumulate to a new place? Have a cleanout and only take with you the things you really want to have in your new home. You may have enough good stuff to hold a garage sale and pocket a bit of extra money!
  • While you’re packing it’s a good idea to make an inventory of all of your important and expensive items. You may also want to take photographs of these items for insurance purposes.
  • Complete a change of address card at the post office to have your mail re-directed. You should also send out letters to banks/doctors/medicare etc advising of your new address and phone number.
  • Arrange for disconnection and re-connections of utility services.
  • Update your car registration and license addresses.
  • Do back-up copies of important computer files before it is packed up and moved.
  • Don’t forget to do the all-important walk-through once you have finished packing up your old house, so that you can double check all of the cupboards and rooms to see if you have left anything behind.
  • It is a good idea to have all the locks of your new home changed.