Intellectual Property & Information Technology

Intellectual property is often a critical business asset. Forms of IP include patents, registered designs, trade marks and copyright. Other examples of it are confidential information, “know how”, “show how”, “trade secrets”, “get up” and image.

People in business need lawyers who understand IP and IT and just how important these assets are. At Lynch Meyer Lawyers we make it our business to understand yours. Our IT and IP lawyers regularly advise on all aspects of IT and IP law.

From negotiating an international technology licensing deal, to advising on the contract for your next computer and software roll out, or running infringement cases in Court, we are ready to protect, prosecute and enhance your interests.

We offer expert advice and service on:

  • Advising on patents, copyright, trade marks and registered designs
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Passing off actions
  • Negotiation and preparation of licensing agreements
  • Trade practices law
  • All forms of IP and IT litigation
  • Joint ventures for commercialisation of new ideas or products
  • Research and development agreements
  • Franchising

IP Ownership

Whether you are an employer who wants to ensure that any IP developed by your employees stays with you, or whether you want to set up a joint venture, we can help.

We can perform due diligence to ensure that a business you might be buying will include what you expect. We can act on your behalf to prepare assignments, licensing agreements and transfers of IP.

IP Infringement and Litigation

IP is an asset that needs to be protected just like any other. If your IP is stolen or your rights are infringed you will want to stop the infringer and seek compensation.

We have experience in advising on how best to prosecute patents, designs and trademarks and we are experienced in providing advice on what to do if your IP rights are infringed.

Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Biotechnology Team