Strata and Community Titles

Lynch Meyer Lawyers are a leading provider of legal services relating to strata and community titles matters.

Our team are highly experienced in and understand the complexities of strata and community title legislation and regulations in South Australia. Our firm is also a member of the Strata Community Association.

We have experience acting for owners, owner corporations, strata and community title managers, body corporate managers, builders and developers regarding strata and community title advice and disputes

We understand the unique and diverse nature of strata disputes and advice, and achieve commercially-sound results through a strategic and individualised approach to each and every matter. We recognise that no two corporations are the same, and we tailor our services to the specific needs of each corporation and their unitholders.

Our firm's strong expertise in property, construction, conveyancing, litigation and debt recovery complements our strata and community titles practice.

Our expertise includes:

Outstanding levies and fines

  • Recovery of outstanding quarterly levies, charges and legal / collection costs;
  • Pre-action letters (compliant with the Court rules);
  • Negotiation of enforceable payment plans with unit holders (subject to approval by the corporation);
  • Court action, including enforcement action, having regard to the options available pursuant to the Court rules;
  • Issue of any notices (allowable pursuant to the legislation), followed by the commencement of Court proceedings, if necessary.


  • Strata and community title owners’ rights and responsibilities, including deceased estates;
  • Ongoing obligations, including the interpretation, enforcement, consolidation and amendment of by-laws and articles;
  • Amendment to strata and community title plans;
  • Identifying the best structure for a corporation and its unit holders.


  • Breaches related to use of common property, by-laws, articles and rules;
  • Disputes regarding the operation and / or enforceability of articles and rules;
  • Deceased estate disputes;
  • Resolution of building defect disputes including defect periods;
  • Dispute resolution, including mediation, commercial arbitration, and expert determination;
  • Contractor disputes.


  • We offer conveyancing assistance for purchasers and vendors of strata and community titled properties.