Our leasing team acts for property developers, major corporations, leasing agents and Councils, as well as individual and corporate landlords and tenants.

We provide specialist advice and assistance on all issues of commercial and retail leasing. That includes interpreting leases and related legislation, assisting with the resolution of disputes between a landlord and tenant during the term of a lease and at termination, and preparing standard form and custom-made leases and associated documentation.

Our extensive expertise in dispute resolution and litigation means we are well positioned to assist you should the need arise.

We also offer a competitive and cost effective lease documentation service through LeaseDocs, our fully online service. Simply fill in our online instruction form to prepare a lease or an extension of lease. The form will tailor to your specifications as you go.

Our service includes:

  • Retail, office, industrial and warehouse leasing
  • Residential tenancies
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Local Government leasing
  • Aged care and retirement villages
  • Lease back arrangements

Advice on:

  • Interpretation of lease and all associated documentation
  • Applicable legislation
  • Enforcement and termination issues

Preparation of:

  • Standard and custom-made leases
  • Extension of leases
  • Surrender and termination of leases
  • Headlease and sublease documentation
  • Agreements to lease
  • Assignment and transfer of leases
  • Guarantees of lease
  • Licences