Space Industry

Our team has experience providing legal advice to clients in the space industry in Australia.

Senior Associate Patrick Kerin is a member of The Law Society of South Australia’s Space Law Committee and the Space Law Council of ANZ. John MacPhail is on the Commercial Law Committee of The Law Society of South Australia.

Our expertise includes assisting with:

  • Regulatory and licensing issues;
  • Commercial matters;
  • Intellectual property; and
  • Disputes.

As a fast growing industry, our team is committed to assisting organisations within this sector.

We can also assist with the following 'space adjacent' areas for our clients in the industry:

  • General corporate and contractual advice
  • Preparing and advising on contracts and project management
  • Advising on intellectual property matters, technology protection and including branding and trade marks
  • Liability, indemnity, exclusion clauses, general terms & conditions

Much of the 'space industry' involves transactions which are firmly terrestrial, and in which we have substantial experience; we do this stuff every day.