Schools and Educational Institutions

Lynch Meyer Lawyers have significant experience in acting for schools, nationally, to deliver cost effective, strategic and practical legal solutions.

Our team’s understanding of the sector’s values and brand protection ensures that our advice is appropriate and sensitive to these factors.

We have expertise in advising on the responsibility and liability around student behaviour, identifying and managing the legal aspects of education and, in particular, acting for schools in both advisory and dispute resolution. We provide strategic advice on professional obligations and duty of care responsibilities.

Our team is committed to the education sector, with several members of our firm involved as board members of educational institutions and from that involvement, have practical insight into the governance and administration of schools in the private, independent and Catholic Education sector.

Further, we are pleased to have a strategic partnership and work collaboratively with Cole School Experts and Platinum Collection Agency.

Cole Platinum

We can assist educational institutions in the following ways:

  • Collection of outstanding tuition fees and charges and negotiation of payment arrangements
  • Advising on enrolment documentation and in particular, enrolment terms and processes
  • Preparing employment contracts for staff
  • Acting in unfair dismissal matters for claims by staff
  • Advising on workplace policies and procedures, Work Health and Safety and equal opportunity and discrimination
  • Providing advice on bullying, harassment, conduct allegations and disciplinary matters
  • Providing advice on privacy issues
  • Providing advice on liability for payroll tax
  • General corporate and contractual advice
  • Preparing and advising on building contracts and project management
  • Advising on intellectual property matters, including branding and trademarks